Saturday, August 22, 2009

Score: Mind- 1 Matter - 0 (not Brian of course)

Legs cleared out pretty good tonight and I won a mental battle after the first set of five up and downs on the local slightly leaned over wall we call Nature Hill. After the first set I felt like my lungs were being scraped over with a garden rake. Obviously left over vermin from this weeks flu. But I got through another set, slightly slower than usual, but through it none the less and then did a great 35 min LT over under and really felt like I could find a little extra power mid interval while scraping my heels through length of my hammys and calves. I am so glad I did this LT after debating it for a while since the hill repeats were lack luster in how they felt, MAN THOSE HURT SOOO BAD, but the numbers were not bad at all. Goes to show feeling and performance is not always the same thing. Legs are starting to come around and open up after a torturous ache filled rest this week that I think was needed much more than the training I had planned.

Solid 4-5 hours planned at the Southern Kettles tomorrow. Me and the DB are meeting at Emma Carlin at 8 am. If ya can keep with a steady pace, not race but steady, be there or be.....somewhere else.

Squares are kinda cool anyways, so I thought somewhere else would be way more lame.
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