Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ore to Shore


Just got home. This race is quite an amazing experience. Huge shout out to one of the most amazing mechanics I have ever met. If you are ever in Marquette and need help ask for Matt at Lakeshore Bikes, he is the owner and amazing at finding solutions to problems no one else can find.

Race start is nutz and kinda scary, things broke two miles in(on my bike that is)...pedal through, with leaders, more stuff breaks or stops working right and have to stop multiple times. Come upon Eppens with flat while I am in "finish it out for fun mode". Then Chris Peariso comes upon me with Jenna Rhinehart and we pull around for a while, his mechanical is way worse than mine and has to ride in much slower than us. Ride solid but with lots of extra effort due to mechanical issues, pretty much just playing around. Eppens come back to me, start chasing them, almost kill myself on drop off into small marsh due to not knowing course and being crazy on descents. Come upon TJ with his second flat of the day, help him with some C02 and ride it in with him and some singlespeed who kept attacking the hills, which made things fun. Disappointing breakdown, 37th yuck...but a great time on the bike and with friends.

Probably write a little more later.

Thanks a ton to Jack Shirpke for the ride and hook ups with a place to stay! Also thanks to Dr. Dave for letting our Motley Crew crash at his place.

Hope I can figure out what the heck I am doing for training this next few weeks after throwing these last two unplanned race weeks into the mix....
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