Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bike Waukesha: Carroll University Bike Week

Bike Waukesha: Carroll University Bike Week: This upcoming week is Carroll U's Bike Week. Here are some of the events that are open to public- Weekly Bike Ride Monday @ 4:30pm leavin...Click the link for more info.

The Free Guest speaker should be a very cool experience to hear about, and you can see where I go to school!

Little Kids can ride bikes fast too!

With the Brakes rubbing on the group ride all morning she probably could have came with and hung out with Daddy at the pace I was going!  Not sure she would have liked the temps on the trail-a-bike though, Wisconsin weather dropped 50 degrees in the last week! Getting in six hours today was a lot rougher than the 80 degree weather 7 days ago! Gettin it done all over again tomorrow, any locals want in?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

XXCMAG podcast!

I have not been writing much here, but that is ok, because at’s podcast we talked for almost an hour and a half about the upcoming race season, last year’s racing, how Vision Cycling Inc. is going to make cycling a household & traditional sport, my plans for the future of my racing career and a few other odds and ends! 

You can directly download it all out at this link HERE 

or you can get it free on iTunes HERE

First half is racing stuff and the second half starting at about 45 minutes is all about Vision Cycling Inc. and the growth of cycling as a sport and planning for a big STEP UP!.


You may have not been getting many updates on training but if you follow my twitter feed @nathan__guerra you can see the hrs clocked and Kilojoules have been anything but lacking!


And any good blog post needs a pic…

2012-03-15 15.33.15

You can post your amazing and creative captions in the comments below or found here if your reading on a fed/sponsor site.

Racing is just around the CORNER which means tons more updates!  Stay tuned…