Sunday, May 8, 2011

Race Video: Iola Bump n Jump: WORS #1, 2011

Quick edit: Forgot to put a picture of the podium in the video, ended up 7th, for my  goals it is a throw away result and take the 5 points toward series overall, but those are needed too, not too bad for  having a flat and some asthma issues.  Congrats to Tristan, he did an awesome right up after the race that can be found here.

iola podium

The week after this race was the start of my hardest training period yet this year.  Gun Show Tuesday was insane!  Ask around, anyone I talk to says it’s the fastest show in town. Check it OUT!   Wednesday I rode to the trails and happened to see and ride with a few of these fine people!  Thursday was suppose to be endurance, but when the legs feel good during a intensity build you don’t waste it, ended up throwing down almost test numbers on the power meter on the last half of my ride.    Friday was a nice recovery ride home after doing some of this at the Muir Trails.

Saturday I got this crazy idea in my head to ride down to the Muskego crits for a little extra time on the bike, some intensity, and to save on gas.  Did the Cat 3 and P/1/2/3 races.  So I saw personal best numbers from that ride both in the endurance category and in the supra max category, somewhere around the 1 minute range.  30 minutes total in supra max and like an hour at or above Threshold total, good day of training.  Total time on bike was like 5 hrs 53 mins and 120.1 miles.  All I had the entire time was Powerbar of course, man that stuff works!  Good nutrition mixed with a great Base in place after this winter has me feeling good all the way to the end of these rides.

Speaking of Nutrition, maybe you noticed the new Sponsors in the videos and linked on the blog here.  One Sponsor I am extremely happy and blessed to announce is Standard Process.  They Provide amazing Organic Whole Food Supplements and they also supply a line of Herbal Products.  On top of this they are a local company, and just happen to have their whole company based just down the road from the Southern Kettle Moraine unit in Palmyra, WI.  Huge Organic Farm, R & D, Distribution, Business office, the whole works right in our Mountain Biking back yard.  Just got my first batch on Monday! 

2011-05-08 01.01.19

They been around since 1929, so they know their stuff, and I am so glad to be working with them to try and get the best results possible.

To end the week (training weeks end on Sundays for me) Lindsay and I are going to the trails for a long date day/mothers day ride and dinner.  Great way to cap off an amazing week of training.  Oh yea, and no more asthma so far, hope things keep getting better as I work with the Doc. 

Last thing, Quick Shout out to my man Danny Kaukola.

2011-05-08 00.09.45

Hope to see ya soon or maybe house a roadie for ya? And I am having a ton of fun at these crits…although getting on a team may enhance my results, but I think this way is better training…

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