Monday, September 17, 2012

Catch’in up

Long time with no posting since Mt. Sainte Anne, but for good reason.
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  Not much to talk about except getting sick for a prolonged period of time.  Not much for racing results.  Instead of stating the obvious over and over I decided to wait till things got better and give a quick recap to cover all the races that can be chalked up to illness.  From the first week in July through the last week in August I was not able to ride much due to a MAJOR stomach bug.  I lost about 7lbs in the span of 2-3 weeks.  I have gotten over it, but it has left an impact on my digestive system.  We are still in the rounds with the doctor, but I am able to train well again and my fitness is on the rise. 
So every WORS race from July-August has been lack luster, I was good for about a lap of any race and then suffered hard!   It seems I was only able to store enough glycogen A.K.A. sugars in my body for about a laps effort and then I would be running on fumes.  I was able to fake it for the last two laps pretty good at the Palos Meltdown though back in August and pulled-off a Podium in a sprint with Mike Phillips
I was so pumped full of anti-biotics I have no idea how I pulled that one off.  That Sprint pic. of me was the first of many that started scaring me with how skinny I was starting to look.
Subaru Cup Pro XCT went ok, but still nothing near my expectations coming into this season.  Again 1 lap and then just surviving the race, but still awesome time with the best fans in the world!
Here is an interview from my Cross-Country race.
With only 1 lap in the legs on any given day I had good legs for Short Track, but Russell had a mishap off the line and half the field was out the race before it began.  Moved up the whole race and fought with JHK, Cole House and Colin Cares for the last few spots in top 20.
A little later that day I was able to pull off a podium where the skills are more of an issue than the energy stores. 4th in the Super D was a nice highlight for the weekend!
Those were really the only two races from July and August I was able to put much of anything together.  In between racing I spent a lot of time recovering from each effort as it was very taxing on my body.  I was riding/training, but well under anything that could really maintain the fitness I had built up in Spring and early Summer.  Having missed so much quality training time it was finally time to rebuild.  Once I was confident my body could handle the training again I got at it!
Just one 27 hr week of solid training and things were heading back toward normal the first week of September!
WORS Treadfest was the first test to see if I would bounce back quickly and we were pleasantly surprised.
So 3rd’s not the same result as last year, but in the mix for a win and moving in the right direction!
A few more weeks of solid training to rebuild what was lost in those 7 lbs. and everything should be back to normal.  Should be a good Fall for racing!
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