Monday, May 2, 2011

Announcing Team: Wheel and Sprocket/Vision

Figure people would want to know who is this Team Wheel & Sprocket/Vision Don was announcing this past weekend and kept handing us all that free stuff in the Venue space? 

Look for these new team kits at Rhinelander (fingers crossed on production time….).  If somehow you have not heard of  our title sponsor here is where you can find Wheel and Sprocket.  Vision is an extremely ambitious non-profit Organization I have started to make Cycling a household sport in our culture.  Website launch is coming soon and you can read the rest of our mission below these pretty pictures to whom all credit goes to Brianna Dederich, Super totally awesome kowabunga (and any other adjectives) to work with her!  Good friend of ours for years and if you need a graphic artist I highly recommend her.



Full Wrap Panel Cycling Short

This sweet logo really personifies everything Vision is about.  Huge thanks to my Brother-in-law Emery Ullenberg, also highly recommended for all your graphic related needs.


Vision is a non-profit Organization. Our Mission is to make cycling a functional household sport, in order that people and their environment may benefit from the well-being cycling provides. We start with local communities and grow influence into the County, State, Regional, and eventually the National level.

Our Vision is implemented through 4 Values.

Youth Development-Think Highschool and Middle school Mountian bike leagues

New Cycling Infrastructure

Public Health and Wellness:

Energy and Environmental Sustainability

I will save the rest for our website launch, but you get the idea.

Thanks for reading, see you at Rhinelander!

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