Saturday, August 16, 2008

Killin it at Kettles

4-5 hours at kettles today with Kevin Klug had me descending stairs in pain. Been a while since I have done a double connector trail down there. All week leading up to today was a rest week and I did no riding, which my rest weeks actually call for about 1 hour easy rides everyday. Instead I subbed in for my winter hockey team for their last game of the summer season. That was Awesome, had plenty of cardio to keep pushing all game and score some goals, but I knew with each skate stroke I felt muscles being worked I have not used in like 6 months. Took till today for my back, legs and groin muscles to feel somewhat normal again.
Another long ride planned for tomorrow with the family this time though, burleys in tow to frame park in waukehsa on the Glacial Drumlin for a picnic and back. It seems that the race next weekend is gonna be a little flat form the write up so "Tues. Night Worlds" as Ronsta likes to call it AKA Transition Cycle ride is on the schedule this week.
Working on getting a new camera for pics. Check it out.
Pretty tired so that's all for now.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New kits debut at Sunburst

Introducing 5 of the 7 racers on the Mr. Tree Racing Team. Took a while to get the kits like we wanted them, but they are by far the best kits I have ever ridden in, big thanks to Louis Garneau!

Jerry Leair

Mark Ullenberg (Lindsay's Dad)

Kyle Guerra "The Bro"

Lindsay Guerra

And a few of me Nathan Guerra

All photo credit can be found here or here

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunburst 5th...

5th's not bad for having food poisoning, had way higher expectations but the body could not respond after trying to carbo load on a ton of bad chicken curry and brown rice last night. Could not fuel or drink during the race really as it made the stomach cramps worse so dehydration and lack of sugars had me moving way slower then I was used to this past couple weeks, especially during my intervals this past week when I felt AMAZING, so expectations were high and I am slightly frustrated with the bad luck, but thankful for being able to hold a good finish anyways. The really bad pain kicked in horribly mid race and really really bad after the race. If you saw me riding around screaming to myself after the race now you know why. I didn't know what all this was until I saw Lindsay and she said she was puking most the race with the same stomach cramps, etc... Thats when I figured out it was the chicken, since it was the only thing we ate that was the same. I winced through awards and got home asap, to try and get comfortable, took about 4 more hours for it to settle and be able to eat something.
Race went like this for me.
On the line I felt the stomach coming on a little but thought it was just gel and pre-race causing bubbles. Followed Macjie's sprint for lead, took over lead as we were coming back toward the climb, climbed to top of the hill pretty hard but not all out sprint...I think to much...instead of going for it. Coming around the top TJ and Brian came by pretty hard, I stuck with for a bit but dropped before the flat fields, was chasing with Jeff crashed...chasing with bender crashed again, learned from then on that the bald back tire is bad on the slippery fresh cut grass...stomach cramps come on hard and I settled for riding with bender hoping we would slowly reel Melcher in, got slower and slower as the race went on with no water and no fuel to hold off the pain in my stomach as much as possible. Last lap I let Bender take over, my muscles were screaming for fuel and I just had no energy left, he started to pull away coming outta the field as a comp guy pretty much seemed like he was blocking for him and tried drafting Bender...which ended immediately, sorry to this guy I was telling a million times to get out the way, and calling the comp all-star, I just get a little worked up with the whole letting one guy through and not another, but I was not polite with my frustration and I openly apologize if your reading and will make a point of doing so in person when I get a chance. Right after this I came by Bender with a dropped chain, I do the sportsman like thing and waited, which I kinda regretted, since there were plenty of adversities for me throughout the race and its racing, but I just found my self going "man that sucks for him" and slowing down till I saw him there instead of attacking. When it came time to fight it out at the line I had nothing to run on and was in pain so I just rode in easy and let Bender ride away. I am thankful for and appreciate riding/racing with Bender and everyone today and am sorry for any badly communicated frustration, it was just a painful time and not the best experience, I let it get to me a little...
Rest week this week after about 4 weeks of hard training, and then onto another 3-4 week period of hard training to head for late season peak. Gonna try and get pictures and video up from our trip in the U.P., but need most of them sent to me.

Thanks for reading and great seeing everyone today!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


A week in the U.P. started on Friday. Spent the night in Houghton/Hancock Friday, got up with the sunrise and Lindsay and I rode some of the Mich. Tech Trails and some of the Masta Hitto, which is where they have that point to point chain drive race I believe. A good 2+ hours of Crazy Climbing and sinlge track. Last night was spent in Copper Harbor right on the tip of the peninsula. I ran into an IMBA presentation/class as soon as I got into town! Guess their doing some big trail building class/outing today with like 50 volunteers. Largest turnout they have ever had. Got up early today to check out all the additions that have been made to pretty much the best trails I have ever ridden. And of course they are just getting better and better every year. I found out at a little party the trails builders were throwing last night at the little bandhsell in the middle of town that Copper Harbor now employs a guy to just build trails and maintain the trails all year. So I got up with the Sun again today and did about 3 1/2 hours on the trails and they were just superb, amazing bridges built all over the place, as much climbing and descending as would be expected out of a "real" mountain trail. 3 1/2 hours and I think I only did like half the system at most, and thats just single track. Their is so much biking to do here I have to hold myself back as to not burn out before the race on Sunday. YEA, YEA, I know Ore to Shore is just south of me on Saturday, well about 3 hours, but I need the points to keep up, and this is family time up here until Saturady, hence getting up with the Sun while everyone is sleeping to get the riding in. I am gonna get a ton of pics up for all to see the killer scenery an trails.

Thanks for the posts and encouragement on the alterra race too!
Hope everyone had a good time at 24-9 and looking forward to reading some stories, Ronsta with the chase group I heard, behind Eatough and Tostado :)

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