Monday, January 31, 2011

Arrowhead 135 A.K.A Charly Tri is a Crazy MAN!

One of my favorite friends within the Mountain Bike community is lining up at the Arrowhead 135 tomorrow at 7 am.  He is known for some other feats of madness mostly in the enduro freak category.  Just so you know “enduro freak” Category is the endurance class above any other endurance class that can be conceived of, that is where is he likes to roam.


Self-supported 135 miles at the Northern most part of Minnesota on January 31st!  According to his latest update it is suppose to be negative 15 degrees at the start.  I just want to give a shout out and maybe even a prayer Winking smile to Charly Tri in his efforts tomorrow.  Details on the race can be found here.  Look to the right in my blog roll for his updates and race report I assume.  Check point updates are here.

Good Luck Bro and confident in you making the finish line this year!

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