Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guerra Means War!

Sorry for lack of updates, I got really sick.  As the Doctor put it, “people think they have the flu, but they have colds, there is no 24 hr flu just bad food and colds, but you, YOU HAVE THE FLU”  been wiped out in my bed shaking for 3 days straight….

Here are some videos, oldies but goodies from the original family team “Guerra Means War!”.  No official kits, no idea what was to come of all this racing stuff…but pure dedication to each other and to giving all our hearts out there for our team…our family…Guerra Means War!

They are all a bit long, but I figured I would share a bit of our early days in racing.  I admit I was overly dramatic with the editing, but these were originally just for family and friends memories…and I guess I probably thought I was a bit too cool back in the day…ya know, cause of course I don’t think that now…

Looking back I wish I would have done this every year since, I would have so much better documentary of what racing really is and is all about rather than just a bunch of medals and trophies gaining dust on a shelf…

Byron Guerra, now married and just had their first child!!!  Yea that young guy in the video is a Dad now!

Hannah Guerra, now “Hannah Guerra Zlomke” living right below us in my duplex and representing the Stone Creek Coffee with her husband Caleb Zlomke everyday.

Kyle Michael Guerra.  This guy would climb Trees like a monkey all day, throw logs bigger than me,  drag and chip brush as Mr Tree Landscaping’s Foreman and then come home and ride hard with my soft handed butt who sits in classrooms writing papers all day.  He persevered and overcame so much in life and he shows it in his tenacity while racing!  Now we persevere  in light of his presence in that cloud of witnesses (Heb. 11:1-12:3 if you have the endurance check out that whole context it is amazing!…but 12:1-3 sums up the exhortation very well).

And then there is me, full of natural talent, but no idea how to be a “cyclist”,  just knew how to do this ever since childhood.  Wearing a falling apart Trek Kit I won from the Fall Color Festival the year before, not understanding it did not match the Giant Brand I was riding…really do people match those things???  I had no clue…but I think maybe it was better that way, I road  and raced because I just love competition and that is what I am still in it for! 

By the way, that Trek Kit sagged so far off my butt at Sunburst mud-fest the following year I had to retire it…it was one of my favorites…That was the year they had to cut out the ascent up the south side of the hill and instead just sent us up a grassy straight shot up the hill right in front of the concession stand.sunburst 2005 

Jeff hall won by like 9 minutes after just 4 laps I think, he said it was all in the tires!!  I believe it, right equipment in these kind of conditions…. sunburst 2005 2

can make up seconds every few feet on a course.

Some really big changes coming with 2011 Team and Sponsors…Stay Tuned, big things brewing!


Thanks to Ty and Christine for the pics.

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