Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Racing and Sea Otter Approaches

Last weekend I wanted to get my legs ready for the intensity of Sea Otter so I went out and did some Wisconsin Crits.  4 Races total, Saturday I did the Cat 3 and took 5th after getting caught in the last 200 meters, followed it up by the Pro/1/2/3 Race.  Solid 2 hour effort total. I was hoping to do some work and friendly competition with Tristan, but he made a break when I was not paying much attention, almost bridged with 3 laps to go, but the only people with me were ISCorp teammates covering so it was not gonna happen.  The Sprint was nutz as I took the last corner a bit hot and ended up off-road, unclipped with old MTB Time pedals, somehow got back on-road and half-sprinted unclipped for 17th out 50 something guys???  

Sunday went well too, saw some personal best wattage numbers on the anaerobic side of things which is always good.  Did the Masters 1/2/3 Race and took 6th after we got lapped by 4 guys, need to figure out this when to go for attacks thing better…but it is for training really and so there is no “wasting” energy for me, I just want to push my limits.  Immediately after this I did the 3’s race and got 4th in a group sprint.  Both good results and  did a ton of the work at the front in both these races, mission accomplished.


Left for California on Tuesday night from Milwaukee, a quick stop in Vegas to unload and reload passengers and arrived at in L.A.where my buddy Tyler Gauthier from Culver's racing picked me up.   We drove about 2 hours to this beautiful scenery in the background in Bakersfield, California.  Awesome and very different riding here, somewhat longer climbs compared to the midwest at 10+ minutes and crazy fast descents!  We are staying with Tyler’s Coach Danny Kaukola, him and his family are amazing people.  Tons of great conversations about Cycling and its future in our culture happening along with training stuff and and a bit of conversation about the meaning of life and following Christ. 

Also getting a bit of the classic bike shipping issues when it comes to a traveling Pro Mountain biker…still waiting for my bike to arrive, so I have been using a loaner for local fun riding that scares the crap outta me!…clicking refresh on the UPS website over and over so we can go pick it up.  We setup an intercept for it, so we can get it as soon  as it arrives at the local UPS HUB. 

Short Track Friday and Cross Country Saturday.  Hopefully UCI allows Handlebar cameras so I can provide some PRO XCT racing experience via Video. 

Missing  the Family, Love you all back home!

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Prayers and wishes for luck appreciated!


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