Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chickasaw Trace Classic Race Video

Took a little while to get it up, but here is my race from the Sunday before last at the 16th annual Chickasaw Trace Classic.  ENJOY!

Chickasaw Trace Classic Pro/Cat1 Race March 27th 2011 as recorded by Nathan Guerra's GoPro HD Handlebar Camera.

Race Results

Turn out was a little thin due to weather, but this event in awesome and I highly suggest it.

Day before the race I tried to pre-ride and ended up in a crazy lightning/thunderstorm at 40 degrees.  I kept trying to get out on course and the storm would not let up and I was soaked to the bone, so no pre-ride.  It pretty much rained all day and night, so the course was a bit muddy the next day, but the ground is so hard packed here that it just gets really slick.  Glad it was not peanut butter mud…the mud did cause me a few crashes though, which are in the video.  It was a little cold at the start, damp  and 35-40 degrees, but nothing compared to what these guys were doing that weekend.

The camper in the video is what we lived in while in North Carolina and Tennessee.  It was awesome and a total adventure for the kids, as seen in some earlier blog post pics and the family in the video each lap. 

Next up a little Wisconsin Road Racing and then Sea Otter!

Stay Tuned and thanks for reading/watching,


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