Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Sea Otter Classic Pro Men’s Short Track

A little race video to motivate those of us who  live in the Midwest right now, regardless of the weather, WORS #1 is right around the corner!

I threw this together pretty quick, somehow I lost the 1st edit the night after this race.  That version was much better, but not doing all that work all over again…this one is still good though, so enjoy!

2011 Pro Men's Short Track at the Sea Otter Classic. Race #3 in the 2011 Pro XCT. Course was 2 minute laps and very "tight", more places to pass please!

Being only my second Short Track ever, I was very inexperienced as to how to do well in these.  I was pushed at times, but most of the time I was waiting for opportunity to pass, but still conserving energy “for later”.  In short track there is no “later”.  You turn yourself inside out every opportunity you get till your at the front or blown up!  Too used to cross country races I guess, so I learned and I will be ready when Subaru Cup Pro XCT #5 comes to Wisconsin, and knowing WORS, they will have a course that makes sense.  One thing roadies do have down is how to run a crit, there are enough places to pass and move up in the pack if you have the power to do so.  The two Short Tracks I have done seemed to be decided by the call-up, this is a part of Pro Mountain Biking, but the amount of effect it has can be limited by course design.  Perfect example in the video is Trebon coming by me on the last lap, with his experience and ability he should be near the front, but with no call-up on a course like this there is much more luck involved rather than race ability.  Just a little constructive criticism.

The Week spent in the California was amazing, so more on that when I write my Sea Otter Cross Country report, but now I gotta do reading for a class that meets in 30 minutes!

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