Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kyle Mykul Guerra

since april 395 since april 398

since april 386

He is amazingly well tempered, feeds well , sleeps well so far….

Born at 3:07 AM October 4th 2009

7 lbs 15 ounces

20 inches


Spent the weekend hanging out in a hospital room.  After Lindsay and Kyle were settled in, I went home with the girls on Sunday night, put them to bed and got my race on, since I missed WORS #11!  Hit the trainer for 1.5 hours. Built a pyramid with 1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1 minute intervals over threshold with half the intervals time in rest.  I thought that would be enough, but felt good and decided to add a 30 min. threshold ride with over threshold for 45 seconds into 30 seconds of threshold and back to 45 seconds until the last 5 minutes where I went over and above till I saw 190 BPM’s for the last couple minutes.  I have never had cramps from an interval ride until Sunday night a little while after the ride I had a crazy one that had me straight legged trying to hold onto my laptop while all sideways on the couch, trainer was as good as racing or maybe better?

Went to 2 classes out of 4 on Monday and took the day off the bike to hang with kids around the house and hang out at the hospital with family. 

Lindsay and Kyle were finally allowed to leave the hospital this morning and I took the whole day off school to help get them home and settled, but got a ride in during a little nap Kyle took.

Made my way toward Delafield and decided to do some warm-up recon for tomorrow with DB and the WETC Gangsters!

since april 405 

since april 404

since april 403

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