Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Past Weekend


Fall Color Festival


Here is Ron threatening to punch me if I didn’t take the hole shot to be his domestique. As you can see, Ted thought this was kinda weird. Mark was getting his gloves ready cause you know he has my back. But of course the Guatemalan hiding off to the left was watching all this unfold with his mysterious sidekick behind Ron having their back at any hint of insubordination from me.


I got pretty scared with all the WETC Gangsters crowding the start line, so I made sure not to disappoint.



Once we outnumbered the Waukesha elites I gained a bit of confidence and decided to throw down instead of riding as their intimidated domestique.


As usual I think of Him and him on the podium.


USGP and Back

Got completely SOAKED through and through, but it was awesome and plenty warm to enough to make it feel like a swimming pool with cadence!

Now off to some true west side story gangster fighting with the WETC, as me and Darrin head out to the Peak to beat each other up.

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