Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9th :( but $!

Mid season break and base miles after Eau Claire had my legs burning a bit more than usual this weekend at Sunbusrt with Matter setting a wicked cyclo-cross pace at the front, mix lack of high-end fitness with no front brake due to another mechanical issue!....and I was left in the dust to chase. Probably could have done a bit better, made some pretty noob mistakes with bad water bottle handling and almost killing my self as I realized I had no brake on the left hand while holding a water bottle in right going down a ski hill at 30 mph+, bye bye 7th and 8th as I recovered from that fiasco. Still tons of fun and great riding all around. Now back to up down repeat types of workouts. Oh yea, I recently started throwing in some of this, that also had something to do with this weekend, muscles I did not know existed are in the hurt locker, but long term benefits will be a faster and better feeling body.

Off to the races!
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