Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eau Claire

16th ain't bad for starting 60th into the single track. Seriously, I looked at the results and after my rear wheel fell out twice and bars got stuck backwards for a minute from going over the bars, due to rear wheel fall out, I was in 60th or so place before the first long singeltrack section. I was riding at the literal back of the pack! On top of this its Eau Claire! One of the best courses for fun, but has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, for passing. I just prayed for the ride of my life and gunned it for 3 laps, caught Neil Swanson and Scott Cole going into lap 3, took a pull too hard and forgot to fuel well while in chase mode, ended up in an almost bonk land, rode like a little girl for half a lap till I smartened up and downed some gel. Grabbed Dallas Fowller's wheel as he went by in a good rythym and made up like 10 spots in the last lap. Thinking if I woulda played it a bit smarter, top ten was easily in sight....OH WELL live and learn.
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