Monday, December 1, 2008


Been a while...
On the riding front, officially started training for next year. Base miles on the bike in basement slowly getting logged, about 5 hrs over the weekend, its actually fun this time around. Playing Hockey, skiing, and using Wii Fit for all other cross training till an actual base period kicks in later this month. Then it will be mostly bike with some skiing and hockey and weights to replace the Wii. Yoga on the Wii is pretty basic, but noticing a difference in posture and bike related aches, pains, and tightness. Hoping to put in an even better foundation for the intense stuff later next year than I did last year.

On the College front...
I have 5 papers , a presentation, and 3 final exams all due in the next week and a half. Its insanity of time management at its best. Refinement for the reality of the job I suppose. I hear teaching can have this kind of craziness when your getting started.

Family front...
Thanksgiving was amazing
3 celebrations over the extended weekend, with a hockey game we won in between. Dad, Kyle, and I all scored goals and worked well together on the ice. There was also some pretty high tensions and a little push and shove with plenty of penalties, which always makes things more interesting.
Thanksgiving on my side had the traditional little teaching from Gpa, which was great. A bit about Squanto and his captivity in Europe that led to being a blessing to him and his people and for the pilgrims as they struggled to survive and how their lives were building upon this intersection of thanksgiving. My question with that one is, what if Squato had lived with someone other then Christian monks in Europe, would his response been very different to the arrival of the pilgrims and if so would that have had any effect on how the USA exists today? Seeing as he was taken captive by people like the pilgrims, forgiveness and mercy might not have been his highest priority, interesting thing to ponder.

Charis is starting to talk and my official name is now BA-DA. BA-BA is blanky and botltle, both comforts, so maybe I am a mix of comfort and security/authority? :)

Asa is learning how to be such a great help around the house (4yrs old and can do dishes almost solo) and is starting some schooling with Lindsay to get ready for the real deal.

Oh yea were moving next door, and Hannah (my sister) and her new Husband Caleb are moving in here, tentivley. Gonna be a great little community with Kyle (my bro) upstairs, Hannah Caleb here, and my family next door!

Here are some pics of all the latest. Mainly Hannah's wedding and Some stuff around the house.

Thanks for reading!
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