Saturday, December 6, 2008

After midnight :O

1:20 AM
Just Pounded out a 12 page paper due tomorrow. Still have to make a power point about the paper to present tomorrow.
Blogging cause I want to stay updated after the little break i took from blogs and riding stuff.
This week in short...

Rest Monday

Good skiing Tuesday! Did a full Lapham Peak Black Loop, squeezed it in on the way home from school.

2 hrs+ trainer time in basement Wednesday.

Was gonna do something Thurs. (hockey, ski, basement trainer time) but after late night study and writing the night before...I just passed out on couch after putting the kids to bed :)

Won a hockey game tonight, the Guerra's rocked it again with 4 goals between Dad, kyle, and myself!

Oh yea, like 4 papers written, a zillion pages of reading, this presentation, started working as a tutor, and 4-5 more papers in the next week and a half!

And now back to the grinder...
Thanks for reading,
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