Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its been a little while. Last week we were getting ready for "Cousins Camp", a yearly family reunion my grandparents put together, it started when I was like 5 or something and there were already like 7-8 cousins aka grandchildren, plus some friends of the family's kids so since then my grandparents have called it cousins camp. Now with 28 grandchildren and all us older kids getting married and having kids and involving people its really turning into a huge yearly event. The last few years we have rented out spencer lake bible camp and its just amazing. My grandpa being world class tri-athlete, an Olympic trialist in the modern pentathlon, and a coach for 30 years+ is all about sports and competition. Since we started using the camp my grandpa started doing a duathalon with a TT run and a TT bike. Everyone that wants to participate finds a bike to use, mountain, hybrid, P.o.J., road, even a tandem participated this year. This year grandpa added in a swim which made the triathlon official. I found "cousins camp" feeling a little more like "training camp this year", as lindsay and I did 2 TT's, one on teh tandem and one on our own. Our tandem time smoked my personal time bike like 30 seconds, that things just flys!
With only 2 meals a day and snacks in between breakfast and dinner I was able to shed a few pound over the weekend in preparation for the climbing races coming up at Crystal Ridge and Sunburst. Lindsay, Hannah, Kyle, Caleb (Hannah's fiance), our buddy Ben, and myself all made it over to Nordic mountain for a few laps since it was only 20 minutes down the road from the camp. That course is just amazing and it was nice to enjoy it with family and friends.
Did the Crystal Ridge race the last two weeks and feeling really confident for the race. I guess there is a big change in the course though. On Wednesday nights we climb craters on the backside of the hill and descend the switchbacks. It seems that since the alpha trail is water logged we will be climbing the switchbacks and then all the way to the top of the hill to add the some time to the course. I did the climb to the top once and its the equalizer just not washed out and without the flat before hand instead it is after climbing the entire ski hill.
Beside the hard TT this weekend and the Crystal Ridge races I just been throwing down some good base miles to build back up for a peak later this season. Just got done with 3 1/2 hours at about 19 mph avg. Nice little route O-Town -> Hartland->Pewaukee->Brookfield->Tosa->New Berlin->Waukesha->Wales->Dousman->O-town. Like 65-70 miles, not sure cause my computer was on the fritz and would just stop recording at times so i think my average was closer to 20 but idk, all that matters on those rides is Heart rate anyways, but I always want to have the HR in the right place and still have a good avg speed, that pride thing sneekin in there.
I even took my camera with me today and I just always to forget to use that thing....
Well thanks for reading and probably see ya ll this weekend,

ps kits soon...better late then never!
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