Saturday, July 12, 2008


I totally Love this commercial!
The other take back the tour one is cool too. Maybe I will get that up here.

a few Challenges...
Name riders being focused on in each scene.
Are they all dopers?
What were they caught for?
Year they were caught?
If your really bored and wanna show how much of a tour buff you are include the year and stage of the scenes of riders.

Also I would love to hear peoples opinions of the commercial. I am assuming the shorter one on TV is due to cost, but some people are saying its because not all the people featured here are dopers?
All for fun and my own interest.

In the riding world, I just came off a rest week or transition week as some call it, no riding and lots of rest. Time to build another peak. Started off with the sat. morning doc ride with kyle and Lindsay today. It was fast and pretty hard efforts, especially when I waited for a guy who flatted and me and 2 other riders pulled a group of 6, that were nice enough to wait back, up to the group. I did a lot of work at the front and it hurts to walk down stairs now. Guess I got a muscular endurance and anaerobic ride out the way for the week.
Found my camera so should have more pics for you guys now. Eventually gonna get to this tag thing holly marked me for, I think to much when it comes to stuff like that...
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