Sunday, July 13, 2008

After the Doc ride Saturday we went to our friends 80's theme party, best I could do was an old school descent jersey, some short shorts of Lindsay's and a pink headband with orange work glasses. Lindsay went for the Poofy bangs too much lipstick look..and Asa sported the fraggle rock shirt, which was and is the coolest kids television show ever made!

My Mom called and wanted to hang out with the kids, so we took the opportunity to try this things out. Its a mountain tandem, but it has slick and no shock. Jerry Leair borrowed it to us and it can get going pretty good with a tailwind. we were out for like 3-4 hours. We rode out to the Muir trails and tried a 1 mile red loop with the slicks on, we managed it well, only out of the clips once,not bad for old school and slicks. I wanted to try some more trails but with the slicks we were going pretty slow and we were trying to do some sort of an endurance ride, so we needed to be working a little bit harder then soft pedaling. After the red loop we saw Holly and Christine in the parking lot, chatted a bit and then took off seeing what we could average on the way home.

On the way home we averaged about 23, with a head wind most the time. I wonder what we could do with a road tandem thats not so old school. Its a lot of fun though. It seems to be way more of a force workout then anything else,my heart rate was not sky rocketing but my muscle felt really worked. At the end of the ride i kinda hit a wallafter we tried hanging onto this IsCorp guys wheel who was moto pacing. That lasted about a min. Thats when I realized how toasted I was...I was low on water and sugar and had about 3 hour of semi hard work in the legs, but it was so much fun seeing what we could try and do together.
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