Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treadfest & Chequamegon 40

Major time crunch right now, so media and press will have to suffice for Treadfest write-up.

If you have not heard I had an amazing day down in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin two weekends ago.  You should be able to piece together how it went from all the sources below…







For Kyle….double time!  One in my arms and the other arm looking forward to his presence.

Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 did not go as well.  I had really high hopes after such a great race the previous weekend, but a few things came together to make it one of my worst performances of the Year…  I swapped tires thinking it was a flat road race with minimum bumps, they were slower…much slower…

It was my first time doing the race and with the stacked field, including the Pro Tour boys Vande Velde and Mcartney in town, positioning was key!  I had very little idea of where to be for the lead group break…

But even so I would not have lasted long.  It was very obvious to me after the first ten minutes it was going to be a rough day.  Initially I made the lead group but with the Fall Season here my lungs are acting up again, could go really hard for 1-2 minutes MAX and then had to shut it down and recover forever.  This happened over and over again…anaerobic efforts were good, just anytime sustained oxygen was needed it was game over.   Constricted lungs and hacking stuff up, I have known this was coming and just neglected to schedule an appointment, so I am going to see the Doc tomorrow and hopefully back to using some of this peak fitness I have going on, always learning.  Next up is Fall Color Festival and Bear Paw this coming weekend!

Thanks for reading!


Photo Credit: Amy Dykema, Jason Henry, Niki Frazier, Loren Beyer

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