Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend in Wattage

According to Pauwels I was right on about the tactics.

Ever get the feeling your onto something big, well time is short lately with family, school, team management, and big plans for our sport, but things are happening and in the works!

So without much time my “weekend in review” is in Wattage, 10 1/2 hours of wattage to be exact…

3 hours endurance Friday



3x 30 min tempo and 1 1/2 hours endurance…244 watt avg. normalized power…not bad.



5 hours hilly endurance and definitely did not hurt as bad as last weeks ride, 10 extra watt avg. and felt fine at the end…progress.


Wonder if this will transfer well outside…and I think my electric bill will see a significant increase with how often my Fridge door is open lately Winking smile.  Maybe hook that trainer up to the grid and start making some money on all the watts.

Thanks for reading!

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