Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank God for Family and Racing!

Sorry, race video will have to wait till later, internet is too sporadic at this campsite to upload that kind of file. 

Best way to do the first intensity ride of the year, RACE!  Back hurt pretty bad and my strength was in endurance rather than climbing???  Very odd for me, but get the fit right on the bike I had only ridden once before and  the pain in my back should go away.  With getting ready for the trip, team management and school I had no time to get the bike ready, so just threw it in the van with anything I might need to make changes and drove on down.  Lindsay and I are gonna work on the fit before next weeks race.  Only 15 riders in my category and payouts were still on par with WORS, NICE!!!  I wonder if that has something to do with USA cycling rules?


Huge Thanks to the Greensboro Trek Store.  Soon as I got to the venue and met them it was like I had my own pit crew.  Those guys and gals ROCK!  Took care of minor first ride issues on my bike and did hand-ups!  THANK YOU!


Got hole shot, lead in crazy WORS style sprint start, let a couple champion systems riders by when we started climbing, caught back up on tech stuff and me and one other champ systems guy ended up being the “lead” group.  He would get away on climbs and I would bring it back on descents or flats…TOO MUCH ROAD BIKE?…there was a linger spot of climbing mid lap and on the second I had to let him go, he got about a minute lead and then I brought it back within 30 seconds on the final lap.  We only raced for 1:26, little more time on the bike and I think I could have challenged pretty good.  Just was not feeling right till half way through the race, probably due to all my rides being endurance till now.

Now we are in Myrtle Beach and the weather is great!  The riding, well, not so great…Think Wisconsin Dells with absolutely no backroads…just busy highway.  I got a 5 hr ride in yesterday pretty much riding around on the same 3 roads that were somewhat quiet and away from traffic lights.  I am soooo thankful for Wisconsin back roads and the farm families who helped create the need for them!  Here some pics from the beach today…





As you can see I forgot the sun tan lotion yesterday…but its ok, as I always said to my Siblings growing up “I am more Mexican than you!”


Trying to be a little bit too cool I think…

Of course the pollen is insane down here, so get away from the cold to be tortured by spring allergies early, I had a slight or maybe medium intensity asthma situation at the end of my ride yesterday due to the amount of pollen that had accumulated in my lungs. Asphyxiation is the same as elevation training right???  Never seen so much pollen, my arms were caked with yellow dust, and all the stuff sitting outside has a yellow film on it.

I think I will ride the beach tonight to stay away from the traffic and the suffocating…hopefully I can upload a short race video soon.

Thanks for reading!

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