Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awesome British Colombia Mountain Bike Video and a Sneak Peak

This video is done really, really, well!  My buddy Chris Washburn shared this with me and  I enjoyed it so much I figured you all needed to see right away.  It also kind of relates to some things happening in the sponsors area.

I love how this was filmed, quality is amazing, should have edited out the swear though to be more kid/parent friendly.  If we are going get this sport into the High School/youth sports we need to have a level of professionalism in all our media, which this displays in all respects but that one.  The attitude may sell in the short run, cause kids think it is cool, but in my opinion long term survival and depth of culture will only happen when the public can put a stamp of approval on it.  I am just saying that some of the “extreme sports” have an image that those with unprofessional lives do them, or unsuccessful people give their lives to them.  There is a reason why we don’t have many High School skateboarding teams even though we have tons and tons of kids who want to skateboard and compete.  I think this image is a part of it.  Now this has nothing to do with style, but rather what the image and behavior says about the inward character of the sport and the people involved.  To let that one…little…no big deal…word slip through when editing causes a lot of other questions to come along with anyone viewing the sport from the outside, especially if we are going to promote it with youth.  OK, rant over, just have a strong desire for this sport to grow and become an integral part of our communities, and giving my two cents to help that along.

I am really excited and happy to be welcoming on a company who is based in the same area as these guys and therefore has a similar passion and vision for mountain biking.

Can you guess who it is?

Man I miss pushing the edge like that….Sea Otter here I come!

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