Monday, September 20, 2010

Treadfest & NO Cheq. 40???

Race Re-cap

Wanted the hole-shot, so I did this, but a certain Tour of California King of the Mountains decided he could climb better…not that I am arguing.

treadfest 2010-17

Then Tristan and I did a little bit of this and had a sizable gap right away.

treadfest 2010-15

treadfest 2010-21

treadfest 2010-8

Then coming into the Ski Hill x3 climbs Tristan made me look like this trying to hold his wheel.

treadfest 2010-20

I should have rode my own pace up and closed the gap in the single-track, but I was stubborn and blew up hard on the 3rd climb…had to spin light, gel, and drink, and the gap went out of control.

treadfest 2010-2

Going into lap 3 I was closing the gap, but had butterfingers and dropped a bottle on the 3rd climb up to the service tower…went back for it and lost a good chunk of time again, felt amazing the last lap but lap traffic pretty much neutralized things.  Tristan had an amazing race going to the front right from the start and just laying it down!  First loser is not too bad either!

treadfest 2010-26

No Cheq. 40?

Asa had a dance routine at half-time at the local football game on Friday night, so I decided to sit out, plus with school and something going on pretty much every night of the week, no travel this weekend was nice!  I wasn’t signed up anyways, I got a courtesy entry and with my Ore to Shore result I was a contender…but I will just have to make it up there next year! 

Instead of trying to be a cool guy in my forte, I decided to humble myself by literally learning how to ride a cross bike…by racing the Pro 1/2 race at the No Good Double Cross event just south of here in Eagle, WI. 

Here is me with the leaders in sight still…


And here is where I lose any sight of anyone on the course….



nogood2xcross-4 I pretty much powered my way to a 7th place, 1 place out of the money…it was weird lapping people like they were standing still to have them fly by me like I was standing still every time we dismounted, seriously, I was really bad!!!  But I guess being the first time ever riding a cross bike, I gotta give myself a little slack…

OUCH! Running stairs…I ran stairs in Russia once to stay in shape during my first year of racing citizen…I think that is the last time I did this…


Nice job to Ronsta in showing me the mad skillz! And thanks to Derek for letting me use his cross bike!

Next weekend is a double header with FCC and Bear Paw…Fall Color Festival is an amazing event and I really suggest everyone check it out!  Bike Demo’s running all day, food, music, beer…Some of the best trails in the State with a ton of new additions, multiple ride events for all levels of ability and the funds raised go right back into the trails, to keep them going year to year. 

Gonna be a lot of single-track riding next weekend, and I got some PR’s going  at the secret training camps too!

Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Ronsta, Amy Dykema, Niki Frazier, Gary Frost

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