Friday, June 18, 2010

State RR Champs, AKA I am a Sandbagger…

State RR Champs 2010-2

State RR Champs 2010

Been busy and neglecting the blog a bit so  I am going to update in order of events. 

The weekend before last there was no Mountain Bike racing going on and so thanks to Mr. Gehling I heard there was a Road Race happening and decided to test my skills on the pavement.  I have only done 3 road races in my life, and that is counting this one, so I have not been given an upgrade even though I have asked for one.  I think Ron pointed out at the Gun Show a few weeks ago that it is odd showing up with a license that can get you into any International Pro race in the World for Cross Country, but then having to sign up for the 4/5’s on Road.  Not complaining, just odd circumstance. 

Hung out with the pack for 2 laps, one got away on a sharp uphill before the lap/finish area on lap 3.  Chased a bit with group and then went with Matt Gehling and Cody Goettl going into lap four up the hill as seen in the pics above, which turned into a 3 man break.  Matt played the super domestique demolishing himself on a climb and downhill on opposite end of the course.   I gunned right after this with Cody in tow for a two man break that survived to the end.

The officials got the laps wrong, so when they told us 2 to go I was yelling at them 1 to go, then they had the bell ringing when we came around on the “last lap”, so I didn’t sprint.  We wondered if there was a mistake, but just kept going as they were insistent that there was 1 lap to go.  Into the last hill I gunned it and got the  Win, but then found out the pack sprinted on the lap prior and we had done an extra.  Cody was gracious and gave me the Win since we thought we had one more to go, I split the cash with him to keep things straight.  Guess I am a 4/5’s State Champ, pretty sure I can get my upgrade now :)

Updates on Sunburst Showdown soon to come…

Thanks to Cody for the pics!

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