Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Legs are ROCK’IN! Tires are POP’IN! WORS #3 Trek Big Ring Classic

nine mile 2010

This pic is a great summary of my race after I flatted.  I still had a ton of joy riding around with friends on a beautiful day, although many of them were racing and I was not.

Not a lot to tell.  Legs were there for an amazing result, but I flatted after making the field separate on the first steep climb. First into single track and punctured my rear tubeless, 3 co2’s and would not seal.  Rode back grabbed my team mate Jerry Leair’s wheel and rode for training for 3 more laps with the top ten when they came around after the first lap.  Made sure not to pull or lead unless I could get away right away, as to not effect the race, since I was DNF at that point.

Thanks to Powerbar for the fuel, Wheel and Sprocket for the support, and now that Superfly 100 is dialed I understand why it is the fastest rig around, thanks GF!

Thank you so much to the team( Jerry and Caleb) for awesome hand ups!  And everyone else who hung out with the kids and us this weekend.

Now for somewhere to use these legs next week Sunday, since Saturday is the girls b-day party.

Photo Credit: Travis Shirpke

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