Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time of Year

Its getting to that time of year when I start thinking about what I am going to be doing for training in light of the upcoming season and what I will be riding for each of my events.  I am an all around kind of guy and tend to want  the ability to grab and go with a solid ride that I know will be dependable and fast in just about any race conditions.  It drives me absolutely crazy thinking about having to switch tires, bikes, wheels or w/e pre-race  because of wet or dry conditions, so I do all I can to find a setup that can handle any condition I would face, at least in Wisconsin.  Even at the Pro XCT scene I see top finishers rocking very similar setups to what I am running, so I think it could work beyond our own borders.

With all that being said, I am going to have a running review of different products and training techniques I used this year and looks at products and training I am or will be using in the coming year. 

First up will be tires, as they are the things I got the most comments  and weird looks about throughout the year.

Stay tuned for a review of Bontrager Jones XR 29’s along with other tires I have found success with and why.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting Pumped Already?

Two ways I am getting pumped up for next season already!

This and today was my first day of weights…wondering how the body will feel tomorrow as I downed a very strong cup of coffee and a power bar beforehand to keep it moving hard through all the reps.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I do R and R

That is about all that has been happening around here.  I am playing the occasional hockey game.  I got worked this past weekend as only 7 people showed up for the game.  IT WAS AWESOME!  I got so much ice time.  With only 2 on the bench I think I sat once a period.  We tied 2-2, I scored 1 of them and DUG REALLY HARD in the corner to assist for the other one to my man Steve in front of the net.  

Usually I play 3 times a week during this time but with the amazing addition to our family, I am on the night shift and all pick-up hockey happens late night around here.  So just the “real deal” games.  Might not have known this about me, but I played varsity hockey for Arrowhead back in the day, and  hockey was the first place I dreamed about being a pro athlete.  Now I play in a  local C league on the weekends for cross training with my Dad and his buddies on the weekends.  I would play with the B league but its for the the workout and to hang out with my Dad.  The speed and  inability to make plays gets a little frustrating at times, but it teaches me to couch the competitive beast within and see what really matters, time with family and friends, I’ll save winning for the bike anyways.