Sunday, August 3, 2008


A week in the U.P. started on Friday. Spent the night in Houghton/Hancock Friday, got up with the sunrise and Lindsay and I rode some of the Mich. Tech Trails and some of the Masta Hitto, which is where they have that point to point chain drive race I believe. A good 2+ hours of Crazy Climbing and sinlge track. Last night was spent in Copper Harbor right on the tip of the peninsula. I ran into an IMBA presentation/class as soon as I got into town! Guess their doing some big trail building class/outing today with like 50 volunteers. Largest turnout they have ever had. Got up early today to check out all the additions that have been made to pretty much the best trails I have ever ridden. And of course they are just getting better and better every year. I found out at a little party the trails builders were throwing last night at the little bandhsell in the middle of town that Copper Harbor now employs a guy to just build trails and maintain the trails all year. So I got up with the Sun again today and did about 3 1/2 hours on the trails and they were just superb, amazing bridges built all over the place, as much climbing and descending as would be expected out of a "real" mountain trail. 3 1/2 hours and I think I only did like half the system at most, and thats just single track. Their is so much biking to do here I have to hold myself back as to not burn out before the race on Sunday. YEA, YEA, I know Ore to Shore is just south of me on Saturday, well about 3 hours, but I need the points to keep up, and this is family time up here until Saturady, hence getting up with the Sun while everyone is sleeping to get the riding in. I am gonna get a ton of pics up for all to see the killer scenery an trails.

Thanks for the posts and encouragement on the alterra race too!
Hope everyone had a good time at 24-9 and looking forward to reading some stories, Ronsta with the chase group I heard, behind Eatough and Tostado :)

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