Saturday, August 16, 2008

Killin it at Kettles

4-5 hours at kettles today with Kevin Klug had me descending stairs in pain. Been a while since I have done a double connector trail down there. All week leading up to today was a rest week and I did no riding, which my rest weeks actually call for about 1 hour easy rides everyday. Instead I subbed in for my winter hockey team for their last game of the summer season. That was Awesome, had plenty of cardio to keep pushing all game and score some goals, but I knew with each skate stroke I felt muscles being worked I have not used in like 6 months. Took till today for my back, legs and groin muscles to feel somewhat normal again.
Another long ride planned for tomorrow with the family this time though, burleys in tow to frame park in waukehsa on the Glacial Drumlin for a picnic and back. It seems that the race next weekend is gonna be a little flat form the write up so "Tues. Night Worlds" as Ronsta likes to call it AKA Transition Cycle ride is on the schedule this week.
Working on getting a new camera for pics. Check it out.
Pretty tired so that's all for now.
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