Saturday, June 23, 2012

Going Fast…Going Slow…Going Fast…Going REALLY Slow

Since the last time this blog was updated I have raced just about every weekend.  So quick recaps on each race up till today. 

WORS #2 Crystal Lake Classic-Rhinelander, WI May 30th

Good legs, but not much high end fitness training in the legs yet.  Battled it out with Jesse Lalonde and B. Matter for the top spot.

Walked away with a 2nd place by seconds.

Post Race Interview.

WORS #3- Trek Big Ring Classic- Wausau, W June 3rd


Great legs, could attack all day.  Feeling really good going into last lap battling with Tristan and Matter.  Split a side wall, wouldn’t seal, game over, ran it in for two points toward the Series.

Although the race did not go well for me, I did get to pre-ride with fellow RaceFace rider Nate Knowles.  We took turns leading into tech sections and testing the lines.  After the ride we talked a bit about our tactics and plans for the race the next day.

2012-06-02 14.52.33

I guess our planning worked as Nate walked away with the Win!

Ute Valley Pro XCT #3- Colorado Springs, CO. June 16th

Flight out of Madison, Wisconsin: 5:30 PM Thursday.  Land in Colorado Springs: 11:00 PM.  Pre-rode course Friday and felt good, but the 6500+ elevation was obviously rough on my mid-west blood.  On Race day I started toward the back of the staging area since I have not had the opportunity at UCI points or Pro XCT’s prior.


Start was going well up first two climbs, attempted to make up some spots descending  into the 1st techy downhill section on a wide open right line…another rider made a sudden line change into me and wrapped our bars, down we went and to the back of the pack.  From what I am told it was a fairly EPIC crash at 30+ MPH.  Anyways, this is the worst time to be at the back as the first bottle neck into single-track is when the most time can be lost.


Suffered bad chasing, had only a semi-fast speed at elevation, could never really punch it without majorly paying for the effort.  Over every climb I spent a good minute gasping and recovering.  After the start crash I worked my way to about mid-pack by the end, lesson learned, acclimate or stay home.  At least I got to have some fun sprinting it out for 34th with BMC rider Kerry Werner.


Back to the hotel, packed my bike, ate some dinner, and took the COLDEST Ice Bath in the history of mankind.  Tried to get some sleep before my 4:00 AM wake up to fly back to Wisconsin.


WORS #4- Battle of Camrock- Rockdale WI June 17th

This was the oddest race day I have ever experienced.  Wake up 4 am, 3 hrs sleep (maybe).  Eat a huge breakfast, not knowing if I could get more in during flights, packed some potatoes and Chobani’s in my carry-on just in case.  Act like I am drag racing my rental car on the way to airport to just make the check-in for my flight back to Madison, WI.    Security, AKA TSA, took the Chobani but left my Potatoes.  Pay the crazy bike fee like I am flying with my spouse and not my bike, Flight out at 6 am lay-over in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and then land in Madison at 11:15 AM.  Made it over to Camrock by 12:30 PM and had my bike built by 12:45.  Banana, short warm-up and 1:30 PM GOOOOOO!



Somehow this happened?!




So just make sure no sleep, random food, suffer at elevation the day before, oh yea and 6 hrs of plane legs lugging 50+ lbs of luggage and bike…guess that is the prep for a WIN!  Kinda expensive though…


Getting late, so update on my World Cup racing and how I got going slow again at the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup today will be coming soon!  3 letters can sum it up though, F-L-U!  Redemption to come at Wyndham next weekend!!!

As always, thanks for following the racing!

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