Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New, New, New….!

Happy New Year!

No post since the last weeks of November, but I have some lame…I mean good excuses.  Finished my Senior Thesis the first two weeks of December.

2011-12-18 22.22.05

Then we got ready for and did Christmas with 5 different families including our nuclear one, all while sponsor hunting and getting ready for…

New Baby!

On Monday December 26th 2011 we welcomed our 4th child and 2nd son into the world!

Micah Joseph Guerra


New Vlog!

To start off the New Year I have begun a Vlog on YouTube along with some live streaming of my training.  It is all a little rough right now as it was a spur of the moment decision, but I plan on getting all the bells and whistles to make it crisp, clean, and entertaining.  It should be updated close to daily and can be found on the upper left panel of my blog (reading on remote sites click this link) or here at my YouTube channel.  SUBSCCRIBE AND SHARE!

Here is the New Years Eve ride from my webcam on Facebook that inspired the whole idea…

New Coach!


With big goals for 2012 and BEYOND, I have decided to take on a coach.  It was a year in making the decision.  After combing through and searching for the best possible ways to get faster on the bike I found that my new coach Danny Kaukola with was the best fit for what I am trying to accomplish.  You can find his website now linked on my blogs right panel and he will probably be doing some guest appearances via Skype on my Vlog and even here on the blog.

New Training!

With a new coach, new vlog, and new season fast approaching the training is in full-swing already.  The plan is changing quite a bit with Danny’s help in modifying the areas I was lacking on my own.  Looking forward to a big year, with big results.  Lots of returning sponsors and new sponsors to back it all up.  Stay tuned for race schedule, sponsor announcements, and product reveals! HERE WE GO 2012! 

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