Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Firecracker WORS #5 Re-Cap and Team Weekend

Love this course and a Win was in mind at the start.  Missed a pedal at the line, no biggie, sitting a few more back than I was comfortable with though. Wanted to be 2nd or 3rd wheel going into the single-track but I was not willing to pay the price for it, in hindsight this was the biggest mistake of the race and I should have led or at least been on Mikey’s wheel as I knew the battle today would be between me and him at least in the single-track. 

I played it conservative though and figured Tristan, Eppen, and Matter would not let the gap get too big as I followed them into the first few technical sections.  By the time we hit the first creek crossing I had let out quite a few of my infamous “really’s!” as the gap was growing very quickly.  Hindsight being 20/20 I should have put in a bit more effort for the holeshot…I give a pretty concise re-cap of how the race went in this post-race interview immediately after the finish, (tons of endorphins pumping).


So 3rd is not bad, and rather consistent this year since my last 4 results including Super D and Short Track are all 3rds amongst the Mid-West competition…although who is ahead and who is behind me in the results has swapped.   This makes for very good racing this year as it seems instead of having the one dominator of the series, we have a battle royale between 4-5 people who can all win on a given day, makes for much more aggressive and fun racing!

I want to give props to Mike Phillips though, as he lead from Start to Finish winning with almost a 3 minute gap!  Time to step up our game I guess.

Plenty of Vision Development on the podium this weekend!

Ben Senkerik 1st and Andrew Senderhauf 3rd in the Cat 1 Juniors


Parker Mccoll 1st Overall and his brother Connor 10th in the  2 lap race at the Miners Revenge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.



Andrew Guerra representing in his 3rd race ever in the Category 3 14 and under!


And Wheel & Sprocket/Vision also had some representation out West with Chris Washburn in a Tour of the mountains out in Colorado!



Great job to everybody living the Vision! 

Don’t forget to check out the Guerra Garage as there is always new stuff popping up on there, like a XXX Bonrtrager Carbon Front Wheel!

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Thanks Amy Dykema for the Podium Pics!

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