Monday, June 27, 2011

My Pro XCT Prep

See a resemblance?

2011-06-20 19.22.52

Above is my Daughter Asa bombing the hill at Lapham Peak during our weekly group ride.  She always asks to climb the hill, but I am starting to think the climb has nothing to do with the request…Below is me giving it all at this past weekends Subaru Cup Pro XCT #5 and WORS #4.subaru cup 2011 xc2

Now if I could only take Asa’s advice about how to win a race.  Prior to the weekend Asa, on her own initiative, told me to not try to go to the front right away but sit in “5th or 6th” and then go for it on the last lap…if only I had listened to that advice after I made the lead group in that Short Track…Full race report to come on this and the rest of this past weekend, pretty much the most amazing  racing event I experience every year, right here in Midwest Wisconsin!

Here are a few other pics of my Preparation for the big weekend.


Above is a win the weekend prior at the 3 hour events in the WEMS Southern Kettle Classic at the John Muir Trails…Below sprinting with the road bikes during a short cameo I made at the Gun Show last week Tuesday.

gunshow MTB

Stay Tuned!

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