Monday, May 16, 2011

What we support and are all about!

In the spirit of Wheel & Sprocket/ Vision’s mission to build  “A New Generation For Cycling”, tonight we hosted our first Monday night mountain bike group ride and started in house with Asa (6 yrs old) here completing her first five mile off-road loop, climbs and all, as well as climbing to the tower at Lapham Peak2011-05-16 19.48.33

We also had some High School youth, Parker and Connor Mccoll, on hand learning how to do Lactate tolerance reps with their Dad.  Another goal of of Vision, to get whole families involved in the sport of Mountain Biking together.  Since our Series, WORS, hosts weekend long events for the whole family to participate in from Beginners to Pros, only makes sense to develop the next generation in this same way.  Perfect chill off-road ride in the park for everyone, from first timers in mountain biking to the serious racer in need of recovery after the weekend, all are welcome.

Monday nights, Lapham Peak, 5:30 meet-up and orientation if needed, riding from 6 pm till whenever.  Might start having some grill-out/food afterward if weather is nice and we coordinate for it well.  Email me to get on group ride update list, , or just show up and have fun.

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