Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rhythm-Muse 2


I play the hand drum, the djembe specifically.  When I first started it was sooo hard…I kept trying to make rhythm happen with my hands and the more I tried the harder it was.  As I progressed I found that rhythm is not made by us, rather we find it.  Sure the sound comes from me banging my hand on the drum, but the rhythm is something I step into, it is discovered…once you start into it your body and mind become a part of the rhythm and you can pause the hands but the beat continues in you and so you syncopate with it as silence and sound begin to mix causing a swirling of variations to this discovery


I think life has a rhythm.  There is an order set before us we merely need to step into and allow ourselves to jive with the beat.  We feel the discord, when we get off-beat, although we know the beat in our heads and hearts we hit harder and harder to a non-existent rhythm till we fall over from exhaustion and stress of fighting the tune and we are stilled to listen in the silence for that beautiful discovery again…

Behind all the discord I hear, both human and natural, there is a beat and it is to a song, at first it was faint, but it grows louder as I listen, becoming a part of me like the rhythm of my drum and it’s the greatest love song ever written…

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