Monday, August 16, 2010

77% Cocoa and Bin Laden

If you did not know, I like Dark Chocolate way, way too much.  The darker the better, well until you hit baking chocolate grade and then YUCK! 


This past weekend I did this ride from some small mining town to a hockey rink next to lake superior, a few other guys came with me.  They all decided to hang out in the hockey rink parking lot, while I had forgot my car back in that mining town, so I rode another hour or so back uphill into the wind to get the car.  The point of the story is, it was really hot out and I was getting hungry after 60 some miles on the mountain bike and all that was in the car was dried figs and a pool of melted 77% cocoa dark chocolate, just barely hangin on in the wrapper…licked it clean and ate Jesus' favorite fruit of the tree.   Actually found a picture of the exact kind I had…


Went back to the hockey rink to take a shower in that oh so familiar smell when I am not riding a bike a whole lot :)…


So, I probably eat way too much dark chocolate, and oh yea UPers take finish lines about as serious as I am taking this post, so serious that they put down two of them…and then make ya guess which one is the real deal…I chose the wrong one, Simonster chose the right one for the 3rd podium spot, had a bike length as I put the brakes on over the timing chip white line identical to the next one that really counts, as Simonson goes by a second later I sat up wondering “what just happened???”

Ever see how people bodies going full board tend to sprint, here are the best in the world showing us how it is done, albeit jumping much later than my inexperienced noob move did to be a nice lead out train for TJ and Tristan who buried me, great job guys!

Heads go down and look down for a line, not up 15 feet looking for a big blue sign.  I really did not want to make a big deal about it, but I had to keep pushing  back a nagging feeling of being cheated or misled out of a place I had earned, so I very nicely talked to the peeps in charge and I was very confidently assured it would be changed for next year as to not confuse myself or the many people I talked to who all thought the same thing I did.  OK, vent over, this was suppose to be lighthearted and funny, but I got myself going…


In other news the Taliban has taken interest in my cycling career, but were not gonna stop doing Church at the races no matter how much of a threat our massive evangelistic movement in the back woods of  Wisconsin mountain bike races becomes to Islamic Fundamentalists in the Middle East. (totally kidding and very humbled by the fact that my photo appears in

More to come from Ore to Shore and Border Battle

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