Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr Tree Racing 2nd place at 3 hrs of Northern Kettle Moraine Wisconsin

12 hrs northern kettles 2010

After an extremely long week of training I decided to top it off with the 3 hour race at the Northern Kettle Moraine Trail system.  These trail are so deceiving.   It is either up or down there and lots of off camber very bumpy stuff.  Darrin had a high tempo day planned and I could not even match that after burying myself deeper in the hurt locker than I ever have before this week. 


The week prior to this race was Rhinelander Sunday, which is hands down the hardest course in the WORS series.

Then  60 miles endurance on Monday.

gun show 5.18 

Tues. night Gun Show in Waukesha.

bone ride

Bone Ride to Madison and back Wednesday, Extra Large Smoothie and Strong coffee on State Street helped finish off 140 mile day.

12 hrs northern kettles 2010-2

Race Saturday.

4 hours of Southern Kettle Trail system on Sunday. 

Legs are so cashed right now I think the rest of the week is chill rides.  If I feel recovered by Wednesday or Thursday I will open up the throttle with some top secret training before the Trek Big Ring Classic this weekend.


Photo Credit Brittany Nigh, Ronsta

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