Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Reprieve!

That is how I would define the Gun Show!  Huge thank you to Kate Heil for letting me use her power tap and as promised here are the numbers, well just speed and power.  Who cares about torque and cadence anyways, oh and I forgot the HR monitor so that is missing too.  Less cuddies (cooties?) for Kate anyways when I give the strap back.

Power 4-20-10

I can’t figure out how to get graph numbers to copy with the picture so I made sure the cursor was over the highest wattage I could find for a reference, the Brynn road hill sprints of course.  Data sheet says max was 1153.  The two surges before that were HWY E going by Pewaukee Lake.  We may be on road bikes, but this course and the way it is ridden feels like pure MTB race pace.


Me trying to make cross eyed, drooling on bars, tongue dangling look fun, while Joe kills the pace line.

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