Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family, School, Training, Sponsors

Status of my life, in that order, but hours logged are much higher than you would think. With the Season approaching fast I will be on top of this blog thingy more often, and with new products to use for the 2010 season, I will be bringing the reviews promised.

One thing I have been thinking about adding to my training library is Racing Weight, as there have been many resources that claim many different things about how to reach peak performance but they all say different things. This book seems to have a comprehensive look at the subject instead of just one view on how it should be done.

Otherwise, locking down all the sponsors, base training, and hockey is really all that has been going on in the racing/training scene. Really exited to have Ronsta as an awesome addition to Wheel and Sprocket Delafield as one of our main sponsors. Seriously, just about anyone I would want to talk to about racing and bikes are all under one roof and its one of our main sponsors, and they are all some of my best friends in the sport! This is already ramping up to be a really good year as far as community goes.
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