Thursday, February 26, 2009


Looks like a good amount of rain is headed our way, and of course right at noon. I'll be down at Barstow to see what its like and maybe do a little local tour, but nothing too far out as 30 degrees and wet can be a recipe for disaster. Wonder whats happening with WETC this weekend?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Noon tomorrow-details

Riding Noon tomorrow for anyone wanting a ride from Waukesha to Lapham Peak, a few times up and a stop by the Cot de Constantine on the way back to Waukesha. Again meeting at Barstow building parking lot, its behind taco johns, email me if ya need directions or any details.

weekly rides with Carroll U

So I am attempting to start a Carroll University Road Team. Weekly rides will be established. Goes nicely with other waukesha stuff happening. First ride tomorrow (thursday) noon, tentatively meeting at the Barstow Building parking lot, its right behind taco johns downtown waukesha, only a few blocks from Ronsta's house. Gonna go do some hills at the Cot de Constantine and maybe Lapham Peak. I may be only Carroll U rider as this is just getting going, but there are a few guys around campus interested. Sorry about short notice, but weather permitting this will be going everyweek, maybe more rides to come! More details later tonight.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just wondering if I have completely lost it since I actually am starting to enjoy and even look forward to 4 am rides on a stationary bike in a basement in front of a laptop....I guess using it as study time and a little gaming time in between efforts too hard for concentration makes its a bit nicer, but now I find myself smiling a lot of the time jamming to music a ton thinking the first 1 1/2 hrs is just a "warm up" and its getting past the 3 hour mark that really starts a ride?

weekend wrap-up

Friday-Speed Work AKA "hockey" till warmer temps. We won!

Saturday- 30 min Warm up/cooldown +2 hours tempo Solid!...Now tempo defined as Zone 3, or 164-174 BPM for me or somewhere a little ways under 260 watts since I don't have a tap or computrainer and have not tested that zone. But I read about certain people doing "tempo" for 5 hours? Either I am a lesser man in the ability to handle pain or we have a different defininition. Can anyone shine some light?

Sunday-Wiped out after riding all week, hockey game, and "tempo". Rest, Stuper Bowl, Load up on a bunch of food!

This morn got up 3:30 am and did some "hilly endurance" while studying for a quiz. 3 1/2 hours solid and actually found myself telling Lindsay I had a "Great Ride" this morning as she and Charis made their way outta bed.

Thats when I started questioning my sanity....