Monday, February 2, 2009


Just wondering if I have completely lost it since I actually am starting to enjoy and even look forward to 4 am rides on a stationary bike in a basement in front of a laptop....I guess using it as study time and a little gaming time in between efforts too hard for concentration makes its a bit nicer, but now I find myself smiling a lot of the time jamming to music a ton thinking the first 1 1/2 hrs is just a "warm up" and its getting past the 3 hour mark that really starts a ride?

weekend wrap-up

Friday-Speed Work AKA "hockey" till warmer temps. We won!

Saturday- 30 min Warm up/cooldown +2 hours tempo Solid!...Now tempo defined as Zone 3, or 164-174 BPM for me or somewhere a little ways under 260 watts since I don't have a tap or computrainer and have not tested that zone. But I read about certain people doing "tempo" for 5 hours? Either I am a lesser man in the ability to handle pain or we have a different defininition. Can anyone shine some light?

Sunday-Wiped out after riding all week, hockey game, and "tempo". Rest, Stuper Bowl, Load up on a bunch of food!

This morn got up 3:30 am and did some "hilly endurance" while studying for a quiz. 3 1/2 hours solid and actually found myself telling Lindsay I had a "Great Ride" this morning as she and Charis made their way outta bed.

Thats when I started questioning my sanity....
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