Saturday, March 28, 2009


Starting some intensity on the bike and it feels good! Saturday Morning rides out of the Bicycle Doctor have been well attended. Had the chance to ride with this guy 2 weeks ago on the doc ride and it was a blast to say the least, either barely able to breathe from Vo2 max or laughter, both more than welcome amongst the road atmosphere. Then today I had a pleasant surprise running into this comrade on the doc ride, he likes to write in polish so at least that gives you an idea of who it may be :).
Otherwise, getting fit for the road bike Monday, New Felt on the way and going with the big wheels, and getting ready to race next week in a Mad Town criterium. I guess I have to race 4/5, oh well have fun and go hard, see what happens, oh yeah and DON'T CRASH! From what people are telling me about 4/5's.

Wednesday rides are starting next week out of the Doc in dousman, maybe see some of ya there!
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