Saturday, June 7, 2008

Intervals, Recovery and Rain

Thursday's Workout.

Thursday I tried a new workout. Long Hill reps mixed with some pyramid anaerobic work. 1 min or so climbing semi-steep hill (Lapham Peak road hill to tower), and then last 30 sec stand and sprint, if ya still can, up the steep grade change. I did about six of those with Jerry Leair until the last one when I realized I was really dehydrated I think, and it was HOT and HUMID. I had been drinking lots of coffee and I took a pre-race drink for the hard workout which is even more caffeine and I had not been drinking much water the days prior to Thursday. I have never had so much trouble catching my breathe. HR was down to like 130's and I was still breathing hard, thats when it started to freak me out a little. We rode away from Lapham taking it easy, talking about what it could be, after thinking about the last few days consumption of caffeine and lack of water I slammed 2 bottles and within 30 mins of riding back to O-Town real easy I was all better. I tried the first min of HR 180's+ and all systems were GO! We went 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 mins. At the hill I thought it was going to be a horrible ride, but by the end of the pyramid it felt amazing to get some hard efforts in. Weekly Grandma meal on Thursday nights with family was a great way to end the day, good conversation about life, guidance, and riding with Grandpa.
Friday I was tired from the effort, but Lindsay was all about doing her long ride together, which ended up being awesome family time. We packed up the kids in two different Burleys and rode to Frame park in Waukesha for a picnic and play, forgot sunblock though, stopped and got some but the damage was already done. Being Hispanic I tend to just lightly burn and then tan quickly, but Lindsay gets Crazy Painful burns which we been tending to the last couple days :(

Rode home and saw a bunch of the Madison to Chicago 200 mile runners on the Glacial Drumlin trail, such a cool event! 4 hours total with burleys in tow....Recovery? Then today was suppose to be race pace with Kyle and Maybe Kevin Klug if I could get a hold of him, but the trails were closed till noon, and Lindsay still needed a ride, so we decided on a team ride, Kyle, Lindsay, and myself, after my brother Byron's graduation Brunch and ceremony. Tried to get down there in time to dodge the rain, but got a little ways into the connector and BAM, TORRENTIAL DOWN POAR. I mean I have never been in a storm like that before on my bike. Riding through rivers while feeling like your in a fire hydrant. Plus Lightning all around, thunder and crazy wind, it was kinda scary for a few minutes. Got off the trails pretty quickly to keep from trail damage and "poaching", but we were parked by Emma anyways so it was mostly rocky stuff that ya can't really do too much damage too, and I believe its all getting rebuilt over there anyways.

Tomorrow were having a B-Day party for the girls, Charis just turned 1 yr on May 22nd and Asa is turning 4 yr's on the 14th of June. Time to sleep.... Intervals early tomorrow and lots of prep for party.
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