Thursday, March 25, 2010

Milwaukee Mountain Bike Examiner

I recently got this sweet job writing articles for  So far I have written about Wisconsin being a MTB Hot Spot and the 2010 Bike Summit.  Check them out and if you like please SUBSCRIBE!  I will keep you updated on everything mountain biking.  Also, if you know of any events or anything else you believe news worthy when it comes to mountain biking, let me know!  If it seems relevant I will do my best to plug it in.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Lindsay and drove around putting our bikes on signs and taking pictures!


Then I dropped her off at home and rode to the local coffee shop for a latte and cheesecake chocolate chip muffin, cause you know all that “driving'” to different signs really took it outta me!


Then I pushed pedals till it got dark.  I did not eat much before our ride and very little during, WOW did I feel like superman after those  2 shots of espresso and the best tasting muffin in the world! 


Ok I really like this pick so I had to post it and now you know what we were really doing on the way to all those really cool signs we wanted to see.