Saturday, September 13, 2008

NMBS Dissolves...

Not really a surprise, can read some news on it here. I really like what Sho-Air wants to do with the National Series Scene but how about some mid-west races...I think there might be some good reasons why we have the Largest State mountain bike series in the nation, the national series should take advantage of wisco's and other midwests states committment to racing to help support and boost commercial and spectator involvlement.
Grats to Woodruff on 3rd place at Cheq. 40.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gettin OLD?

Actually I think its just lack of any real core work for the last month or so. My back has been bothering me a bunch to the point that i feel it efecting my power on the bike. also I missed quite a few interval workouts lately sooo, just been on cruise control and its has showed the last 2 races, Border Battle I believe was from taking an anti-histamine that made my body drowsy.

But the lack of just well scheduled solo interval time showed hard at Smokin spoke as the familiar ability to hang with the top 5 or so after a little off the front sprint from the line quickly turned into me wondering if I was gonna be off the back of the pack in a matter of seconds. In hindsight the time of the back due to rain and 18 credits hitting hard at the first week of school, should have had me playing it conservative and drafting all the way to the sandy hill on the leadout. Live and learn, no cheq. 40 for me due to all of the aforementioned, but lots of lactace threshold ride and anaerobic endurance to finish strong for the last two of the WORS

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old School crits.

Back in the day I used to practice my criterium/track skills in my grandparents driveway. After winning the national driveway championships, hence the red, white, and blue on my bike I gave up anything road, bmx or skinny tires and took a break for about 14 years.

Made a come back to the cycling scene after I got married to Lindsay in 2001 and made our WORS debut in the citizen class. I know its a step down from national champion, but it was a long break from the bike :)

I did really race BMX though and that is my race bike all snazzed out around the 4th of July, I think its my GT but it might be my super rare cooks brothers that my Dad got me as a race bike/collectors item . Stupid me, I got them both stolen...Obviously my Dad was way into BMX, rode at a national level, mix those genes with my grandpa's/coach's(on mom's side, in picture with me), who was a world class tri-athlete and Olympic trialist in the modern pentathlon and ya end up with that little guy doing laps around the driveway, or laps around Crystal Ridge yesterday. I think its all the same to that little guy who still lives in me and the rest of us who have been loving bikes, doing laps around whatever it was then and is now.